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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Year New Blog

I won't try and say today that I am going to make a resolution to blog, but HOPEFULLY I will blog more. There are so many memories I need to keep track of! I don't know where to start, sooo...lets start with Christmas. Christmas was fun, now onto new year.. kidding. Our 1st Christmas celebration was the weekend before Christmas, we went to see Daddy & Susan (Poppy & Granny). We just told Daddy it was Christmas and acted like it was, so on our "Christmas Eve" Susan made Roast, Yorkshire pudding (which I had never had before but now it's definitley a favorite!) and of course, Mac & Cheese for Emma. We got up the next Day and exchanged gifts, Emma got a care bear, and Santa even left her a stocking full of chocolate for Mommy to eat! lol Daddy was very quiet, and I just try to tell Emma how much I love my Daddy and sometimes I tell her that he had a car wreck, that's why he doesn't talk much, but that he is still Mommy's Daddy and I love hinm very much. I don't want her to be scared of him, and luckily he has been very calm and mostly quiet when she is around. She looks at him for attention sometimes, and he does smile at her. He didn't alk much this last time though. Hopefully this year I will be able to go visit a little more. Christmas was great! I was so excited because this was Emma's 1st year of REALLY understanding about it being Jesus's Birthday, and Santa. On Christmas Eve later that night, we went out to look at lights in the neighborhood, and dropped off Christmas cards. We came home and she helped me bake a birthday cake for Jesus (which is a tradition Matt started our 1st year we were married). She got to use the mixer and help pour the batter in the bowl, and I taught her how to properly clean the bowl with your finger ;) YUMMY! We got up Christmas Morning, and Emma got EVERYTHING she asked Santa for, which wasn't hard, because she basically only asked for play doh, barbie dolls, and care bears. We had to do a lot of eBay shopping for the care bears. They really only sell 2 different ones at the store. She was excited, and played with her play doh unil it was time to go to Grandmother and Paw Paws. It was good to get everyone together again. I miss seeing ALL of my family. Emma had a lot of fun, chasing the big kids even though they weren't very interested in playing with her, she didn't care. I WAS glad when Savannah my niece got there so she would have someone to play with that was her age. I got to really meet and talk to my brothers new girlfriend Karen. She is really nice. Brad hasn't ever been one to bring a ton of girls to family gatherings, just his 1st wife, and Savannah's mom, but I think Karen seemed to be the most at ease with everyone. She talked to everyone, which was really nice. I liked her. So, Matt had to work the day after Christmas, so we had to leave a little early because he had to get up at 4. It was good though because we were all tired. So, we've been plying with a lot of her new toys for the past week.There are still some she hasn't opened yet. We have been putting her "Big girl bed" together. Items are taking a while to ship, so it's been slow, but we got a new set from PB Kids, (well, Daddy & Susan got this started for our Christmas) We almost have everything now, the last 2 things on backorder were 2 pink pillow shams, and the owl sheet set. I hung new pictures in her room, and we got her one of those memory foam matresses...which is bad in a way, because I like it a LOT. Matt said he would call the guy he got Em's from and tell him to let him know when he gets a queen size in (yay) We got Family pictures made for the 1st time (we did have a shot or 2 done when we had Mom's 60th birthday pictures made, but we've never had all 3 of us get pictures made. I am SO lucky to know Caroline, from One Six Photogaphy. She takes the BEST pictures, and we got some awesome pics to hang on the walls! I got the CD the other day, I haven't gotten a chance to order any prints yet, well, and I need to find the disc again. Another resolution is to slow down and PAY ATTENTION to what I'm doing. I have spent so much time frustrated because i can't find things. I lost my work ID, I now have to pay for a new one. (unless it miraculously shows up like...tonight) I've looked almost everywhere. I'd say everywhere, but if that were the case I would have found it. I lost my key to the tool room, and my locker at work...still looking. SO, I have got to slow down and quit just laying things down, and make sure I KNOW where I put them. Frustrating just thinking about it. :( Last night our neighbors Darren & Anissa had a few neighbors over for a party, LUCKILY, and I am so glad I did, I texted my friend Madeline to see what they were doing, and it just so happened her husband was at the Dome for football, so she got to bring Benjamin over and I had also wanted her to meet a few more neighbors. So, Emma had Benjamin to play with, and, well Madeline gets along with anyone. I am so glad they came. We left around 9 or 9:30 to go home, the kids were tired. (maybe the husband was tired too) as soon as we put Emma in bed, Matt went to bed. lol. SO, I stayed up washing clothes, and when midnight came went out and watched the fireworks. Today I work, I chose to take New Years Eve instead of New Years Day. Things are pretty slow at work. Thank goodness. Also, on Monday night was my little "going away party-ish" thing well, basically I asked everyone to go out after work, since my best friend in the world is leaving my shift, and going to Dayshift (NOW WHO WILL I VENT TO OR LAUGH WITH OR GIVE/GET ADVICE FROM AT WORK?? BOOOO) Anyway, I sure will miss my Mysha. Hopefully we keep our promises to still get together, and I GUESS I can call. It's just not the same as being able to see her all the time. We had fun though, quite a few people came, most notabley, Holle, my old friend who used to work at Delta, but has been gone for 7 years. I think I saw her when Matt and I started dating, so it's been almost 6 years! It was good to see her though. What else...Well, we do our shift change starting on the 4th, so this year I bid Friday/Saturday as my off days. Emma will probably start pre school in the fall, so she will have to go Monday, Wednesday, Friday. Which would make the days she goes, like I don't see her hardly at all. I think they go from 8-12 or either way I'll be getting her ready and to school, and I have to leave for work by 1:15 (that IS a new years resolution, to leave earlier for work) So, I changed to Fri/Sat off so that at least on Friday's I will be able to see her at night, and Sunday will be like a regular work dy kind of. I also am RESOLUTING to go to church, (or find a church I love in my area) and get Emma in church. I know better than to not raise my daughter in church. It was just so hard when she was little and how she would scream when I tried the nursery, so honestly we haven't tried since then...whih was the Sunday they said "Oh she will stop crying in 5 minutes" and I stood in the hallway for 15-20 minutes, and she SCREAMED and din't let up, so almost in tears, I went and asked Matt to go get her. I sat in the backseat on the 2 second drive home because I felt so guilty for leaving her...I know she will do better now, because she really enjoys playing. I am just praying that all the kiddos love her like I do, and that she has ZERO problems sharing. It's ll learning, and I know it's what's best for her. Sometimes it's just hard to understand why ALL the kids don't think she is the greatest prettiest funnest little girl, and have no problem just giving her their toys, lol. I'm kidding.(REALLY KIDDING, I am trying to get heraround other kids so she actually has an opportunity to LEARN sharing, she has never had to because it's just her at home) I've been trying to get her around other kids more this, well...;ast year. Luckily I met some WONDERFUL friends/moms/kids. Em's friend Paisey, we met at the pool one day, when her Mom Courtney happened to be off, and Paisley walked right up to Emma and said "I like your flower" (on her swimsuit) and Emma replied "I like your flower too, oh you have they hit it off well, and I got to meet MY new friend Courtney. We also met Danny one day at the pool, well Matt got to sit with him and they hit it off right away. Matt seems to REALLY enjoy Danny's company, which makes me happy, because well, I LOVE Courtney, Em LOVES Paiz, and Matt LOVES Danny! That's exciting. Danny and Courtney seem to be REALLY genuine and nice people. They seem very much in love, and I trust them. Courtney has 2 older Children, Jamie, and Alaysha. Alaysha is GREAT with the younger kids. She doesn't mind spending time with them and playing with them. She really is a sweet girl too. Sweet little smile :) I haen't spent too much time with Jamie, but he is older, so you know, just as I did, you spend a lot of time in your room, or at your friends houses. We've been fortunate (they call it "helping them out") I call it a blessing, if Courtney's Mom has something to do, they let Paiz come over and she and Emma have a BALL. I am hoping they both get to take dance class together starting oh, on the 7th, wow. That's soon. I really want Paisley to go so I know Emma will have a friend there :) They have been such a blessing, just being themselves. It's so nice to have a couple with a daughter Emma's age, and everyone has a good time together. God sent that family straight to us. I know not only did Emma need a friend, but I did too. Get's pretty lonely up there far from my family and old friends. With work, I never have time to visit any of my old friends much. Another BIG blessing, I already mentioned her, but Madeline, Scott is her husband, and their little Benjamin. We have a facebook page just for our neighborhood, I had been saying I needed to get Em around other kids, and Madeine moves in and makes a post asking if there is a "Mommy" group in the neighborhood, a few Mom's replied they would like to get together, and we all met up one day. I guess...most didn't keep in touch, but Madeline has a great personality, and she is one of those people who make you smile. Emma loves Ben, and that little dude...he is such a "flirt" lol. He loves to tickle and chase and he is really precious. We had Scott, Madeline & Benjamin overone night along with Danny, Courtney and Paisley. I think Danny and Matt had already met, but neither had met Scott. I think they hada good time, but Scott is a high school football coach, and just had neck surgery as soon as his season was over, so we haven't been able to have all 3 guys together again. Hopefully this year. SO! It's been a good year, thanks to God for sending ME 2 new girlfriends who I love so much, and Emma new friends, and Matt...Matt hasn't really connected with anyone new, so it was surprising to me how well he and Danny got along. He came just in time too, because Matt just lost one of his best friends to Cancer, then God sent him Danny. I texted Courtney one night after they left & told her Matt said "Danny is my kind of guy" Matt even bought him a christmas present! lol. I love it. Thanking god this new years day for answered prayers, and hoping for more time with MY new girlfriends, Emma more friends, and more for Matt too. So, Thank you God for new friends, my family that I am so blessed with, and everyting we have. Until next year (ha, kidding, I promise I'll try to blog more)