Thursday, September 20, 2012

Emma's 2nd Birthday

Well, my little princess turned the big 2 a while ago and I wanted to share some pictures from her party. We had a great time, Emma had so much fun, and FAR more people showed up than I expected! I'm so blessed to have that little girl. Yep, sometimes it hard, but its WAY more wonderful than hard.
Here's some pictures from her party! This is her as;eep on the morning of her birthday :)

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  1. As Emma's Grandmother, I want to add how much I love how you Mother Emma, you do such a loving job, and you celebrate her life each day, even when you don't feel your best!! I love how you bring out the best in her! She knows how loved she is by the way you say good morning, or I love you, or hug her or teach her things, or watch her, sing, dance with her. Emma is blessed to have you as her Mom! I love how Emma smiles and enjoys life, she runs like the wind, embracing each adventure as her own!! Great blog and birthday!!