Wednesday, October 10, 2012

It's the Little things

I've been meaning to write this one for a while, but have been saving up my reasons.
Whenever I think about the sweet, cute things Emma does, I have a "note" in my phone and i put it in there so I can capture them together at the same time.
My note is called, 
I Love the way you:
To my sweet baby Girl, you have only been 2 a few months, but you have brightened every day of my life, and so many more to come. I am so proud to be your Mom. So, here we go:
I love the way you tell Elmo Bye at the end of sesame street
I love the way when we leave the house you have to tell Buddy bye
I love the way you do the little laugh Elmo does at the beginning of Sesame Street. 
 I love the way you say UH OH! When your cartoons are over
I love the way you say Calliou with the emphasis on YOUUU
I love the way you say "nine" when you want more food (lately you will say "nine" "more" I have no idea where you got nine at, but it's the cutest thing ever
I love the way you grab my finger to touch the iPhone or iPad because mine will probably work better
I love the way you act like you're going to cuddle with me then wipe your nose on my shirt
I love the was you say "SHUU TEEE" (brush teeth)
I love the way you pick up your purse and yell BYE!
I love the way you say BYE! when we leave the room
I love the way you say MMMM MMMM when you eat something good
I love the way you push your baby doll in the stroller and want us to chase you
I love the way you Hide around the corner when I chase you then laugh a HUGE laugh because I didn't see you!
I love the way you show so much expression when you watch cartoons
I love the way you get up and dance every time Panwaba comes on
I love the way you see something on the floor or anywhere and go EWWWWWW
I love the way you grab my finger so we can hold hands and walk/run through the house
I love the way you kiss your stuffed animals goodnight
I love the way you wrap your legs high around my waist so I wont put you down
I love the way you SQUEAL with delight when you think something is extra fun or funny
I love the way you look through the wooden bar sections on the table in the breakfast room
I love the way you Go in our room and say UP!UP! When you want on the bed
I love the way you go in your room and I can hear you saying MAAA MAAAA, I go in there and get whatever and everything out of your crib that you want. Mostly it's pillows, blankets, and various stuffed animals, Elmo, Ernie, Cookies
I love the way you call the cookie monster "Cookies"
I love the way you lay your head on the cats and saw AWWW
I love the way you say "UP! REA GET DOWN" when your done eating
There were a few more things I added, On June 1, 2012, you learned to count to 10, NOW, you count all the time, everything. My smart girl. And that same week was the first time I'd ever seen you imitate something. You walked into the kitchen and started on your way back, on the floor, meowing like a cat.
So now that I have all this wrote down, I am going to start a new blog, because she does SO much more than this now. As I was typing that I realized how much she's learned in such a few short months!
Love you Emma! 



  1. Jaime, that made me tear up! But it was a great feeling, soo sweet that this little sunshine is so delightful to you and to Matt and to me, her Grandmother and to Nanna, her Aunts, her uncles, cousin, all love her and your facebook friends and anyone that sees or hears about her! God did good by allowing you and Matt to be in our world!! I love you Jaime Diane!! You do so good with her as Emma's Mom! Soo proud of you and all you impart to her!!

    1. I loved the additions! yes, she has learned a lot more, hasn't she? She is a smarty!! I love her hugs, little or big! I love the way she looks at me because she wonders if I will get in the car and go with you and the time she said, "Come on Grammer" lol

      I love the way she giggles at Coco when Coco circles her. She is delighted!

      I love how she went to the ornaments when she first saw our tree and when we told her she couldn't take them off, you told her to count them and she counted to like 20! Wow! I was surprised!!

      I love how she enjoys being outside doing anything outdoors!! She loves going up and down hills, and throws rocks, hits the ground with sticks, if I hum, she hums, I hum because I don't know the words to songs, she hums because i don't know the words! ha ha I