Wednesday, March 13, 2013

March 2013

SLEEPY! Got home last night to finish reading my book before bed and Emma woke up crying about midnight. I figured I'd get up with her since I was still reading so I brought my pillows & blanket in her room, laid down, snuck my iPad in, put the book on night time rolled over where she thought I was sleeping, and finished my book. She had a really hard time falling back asleep poor thing. Finally she did, so I took a bathroom break. She woke up. I've never quite mastered the art of "moving quietly" lol. My ankles crack every step I take, I hit ALL the squeaky spots on the floor, (the house was sold under the assumption "quiet floors" meaning they don't squeak.) lol. RIIIGHT. so, she woke up, I was still up, she seemed wide awake, poor thing. I know how it is to not be able to sleep. So I had pity on her and said, "you want to come lay with Mommy?"
She all but hopped out of the bed, lol. I had her get her pillows, we laid there, played with her birds, she takes all the pillows so I grabbed a big stuffed sheep (our 1st decorating idea for her nursery) as a pillow. The good thing that came out of it was after I picked up sheep she got her potato heads out & low and behold MRS. Potato heads hair was hidden down there! We finally found her hair! YAY! We're still searching for Mr. Potato Heads hat though. After a while it was time for Matt to get up and Emma still seemed awake so I added more coffee and water to the pot & decided to stay up. We told Daddy goodbye, we watched tv a little, she had some yogurt. Then about 7 we fell asleep on the couch. UNTIL 10. So, I kind of knew it would turn out like that so I called in and took the day off about 5am. :)
Too bad I'm already on my 4th of July Holiday. The only fireworks tonight will be in my dreams. Lol. Good thing about 2nd shift, is on the 4th, if we do anything I can still stay up late, and Matt is always off and always has days to take off...somehow he never seems to run out& we have the same amount. Lol. (coughgoodbossescough)
So, he can get up early and let Me sleep late if we do venture out. I can't imagine we will though.
So, we're up, I'm trying to function normally until Matt gets home then I'll either go back to bed, or decide to try and stay up. I foresee at least a nap though.
Anyways, as hard as it is, I wouldn't trade it for anything. I love our all nighters. We always have fun. She gets so excited to be out of bed in the middle of the night. Well, we have fun until I get awfully tired...I can get a LITTLE cranky. I did good this morning though.
Emma is on the floor playing with the toy cars right now. She just picked up a tractor and said ALL ABOARD! Lol
Hoping to have a good day with my little sweetie...and maybe be lucky enough to be awake for jeopardy ;) lol.
Hope everyone is doing good!
The End
(ok, so I have the blogger app on the iPad & decided to add a pic I told her to smile! She cries NO,, NO don't like to smile (LIE) so, I snapped this picture of her I won't smile fit.)
Next lesson will be on how to not tell a lie I guess, because she the smiliest little girl I know)
Ok, 2nd pic I just snuck, she just said all aboard! Choo choo...playing cars. Lol

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  1. Sweet blog, Jaime!! I love you and Emma very much!!