Tuesday, May 17, 2011

My favorite websites

So, I had to post some links to a few of my favorite websites. If you know me, then you KNOW I LOVE to shop at these discount sites that run these sales for a few days then they are gone. I am constantly checking the sites to see what brands they are offering, and If I'm interested I'll search it that day, if not, (or If I know the brand is too expensive for me, I just don't bother, like, I know I can't afford Hermes, but Nine West or Marc Jacobs I know I can sometimes)
Here are some links to the sites I check a lot.
The ones I've bought the most at I'll tell you a little about.

My first and favorite website is Zulily. I have bought Emma a TON of stuff here. They always have great stuff, they have frequent sales on Mudpie which is one of my favorite brands, Beary Basics and Rosalina.  I get Emma's socks here, Jazzy toes and some other brand (?) can't remember right now, but they are the little socks that look like mary janes. They also have cute boy stuff, but obviously I am more interested in the girl stuff. I've bought everything from a christening frame to her easter dress and bib, to socks and books. I do shop here a lot. One good thing about this site(well, in a roundabout way) is if you order something, and it ends up that they dont have enough in inventory or can't ship it, they will refund your card AND give you a 10$ credit. Follow my personal link to sign up!

Next up is my second most frequented website. Hautelook. The same applies as above that if they dont have enough in inventory after all is said and done, they will give you a 10$ credit as well. This site has EVERYTHING. Literally. I've bought watches on here for 20$ that normally cost over 100, (and I double checked websites like amazon and ebay as well as jewelry stores to make sure before I buy it!) I've bought makeup from some of my favorite brands suck as Lorac and smashbox, home items, clothes..you name it. 
Follow my personal link to sign up!

Hmm, lets see, what's next. I also love RuLaLa. I haven't bought as much as the other websites, but I've bought enough. Same deal as all the others. I am just a member of all of them because I like to check them all and find the brands I love. Here's the link!

Oh, Beyond the Rack! I got some MAC lipgloss there the other day shipped for about 12 bucks! You can't even go to the MAC counter and get it for that! I can't WAIT for it to get here! I think beyond the rack is one of my favorites of all the deal websites. They seem to consistently have cool stuff. The ONLY downside to them is shipping is 9.99 no matter what you buy..which can be a good OR bad thing, depending on how much you buy. I guess with normal shipping rates ranging from 6-10$ anywhere anyways, it's not THAT bad, but like, when I bought the lipgloss..I would have appreciated not maying 10$ for shipping, but it would have come in handy had I bought something bigger.. 
Here's my link!

OK, that's enough for today I guess! Happy shopping!

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