Saturday, August 13, 2011

Little Miss Emma

Happy First Birthday to my little Miss Emma Grace Fausnaugh! I just can't believe it's been a year! A whole YEAR, and tomorrow, (well actually today) will be a year that we brought her home from the hospital! What a blessing she has been! Seems like just yesterday I was swearing I'd NEVER drive to Griffin again because she screamed the whole way there and when we get in the car she claps to music and I feed her num nums and she drinks her juice. She is much more efficient now and prefers to read a book or build a small city in the backseat rather than cry. Crying is for BABIES. AND THAT SHE IS NOT! lol. She really has become quite the little girl. Feisty little thing, and you better give her what she wants, or do what she wants or she will throw a R.O.Y.A.L. fit. I seriously need to do some reading on that subject, but as of right now I don't really mind so much. I'm far more concerned with her walking skills and too busy worrying she will fall.
She really is a wonderful baby girl, and I enjoy every minute I get to spend with her. She brings so much joy into our lives, it's hard to imagine we were ever happy without her! Of course we were, but man, I don't know where in the world all this love came from, but the house is flooded with it!
I decided that on her birthday I would let her do whatever she wanted (to an extent). So whereas we normally barricade her in the living room so we dont have to chase her through the house, I let her crawl and explore what she wanted. I let her open a present..well, I opened a present for her. She loved it! I sang Happy Birthday to her all day long, she watched Chica sing Happy Birthday in the morning, and I believe she had a really fun day. On my shift anyways. Cant say what happened on Daddy's because he got me a new laptop, and I know for the first 2 hours he was home he was calling telling me about it.
I gave her an oreo, the first one ever. She tried it and threw it on the floor. I had to throw it away because we have 2 very hairy cats who shed a lot. 
I gave her another one in her high chair and gave her as long as she needed to eat it. It honestly took her about 45 minutes to eat that oreo, she picked it apart, smeared it on her face, twisted, dug in it. She had a grand time. I had to finally take it away because it was time for the drive to work. She had a SUGAR RUSH on the way to work and pretty much danced clapped and sang the whole way in.
Matt bought her a swing for the swingset, and he put it on there, he said she had a ball swinging in it. I could hardly wait until the next day to get her in it. She did enjoy it. I have a video of her just swinging and singing, it's so dern cute.
Back to reality yesterday, and today, but tomorrow(today) we are celebrating her birthday in Griffin with the family. I have a rather large cake for her, and am so excited because it will be the first time people gather around and we sing happy birthday with a candle. I know she will have fun tomorrow.
Matt's Birthday is also tomorrow, and I feel a little bad because last year on his 40th birthday we were coming home from the hospital, both worn out and grouchy, and it just wasn't a good day. We had planned to have Emma's party last weekend but she and Matt both got sick, so we had to postpone.
I have arranged for an Ohio State cake for Matt though, and already have out his birthday card and gifts. The big gift I ordered him(the log splitter) didn't show up on time, they told me to call back next tuesday. What a dissapointment that is. If I had known that I would have just went and bought the one they had at the Home depot, is what it it will just be a surprise for him next week I guess.
Well that's it for me tonight, I need to get in the bed so I can get up at a decent time to head down to Griffin and have 2 big birthday parties :)
Hope everyone has a great day!

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  1. That was a good blog! I think the blogs help me connect with you. love you!