Friday, November 11, 2011

Today is Friday, November 11, 2011. I Can't BELIEVE it's almost the end of the year! Good Grief! This year has flown by so fast it's almost sad.
As I sit here watching Super Why, I mean, teaching Em to watch Super Why...I just think, Boy has she gotten big. You should see these little sweatpants on her today. FUNEEEE
She keeps looking back at me while I type making sure I am still watching her watch TV,
Yes she's doing a VERY good job :)
The Handsome Husband is out planting flowers for the subdivision, (which HOPEFULLY he won't have to do for too much longer) He works so hard. I am hoping in about 3 years he will only have to work ONE job, like normal people :)
I am more excited than normal about Christmas this year, which if you know me, that's hard to believe since my house is always fully decorated with singing santas, snowglobes and nutcrackers :)
It's going to be SO FUN with Emma this year! On her birthday she still couldn't figure out the opening presents thing, but I'm pretty sure she will understand it this year.
I think.
If not, I will gladly help her :)
Matt & I are going to start baking a cake for Jesus's birthday every year on christmas eve. His idea. He said it will help us teach the kids that Christmas isn't just about presents, but it's MOSTly about Jesus.
Sure it's a fun time. Who doesn't like waking up to tons of presents under a twinkly tree?
I'd love to wake up to that every day. It's really hard to teach them it's about Jesus when they have all these presents...right? So, were not gonna get them anything this year
OK, well, I don't really have much to say, I just thought I'd update my blog. Everything is great in Fausnaughville.
We have 3 days off together, Matt, Emma & I. It's always good to spend QT together :)
Hope everyone has a great weekend! :) I'll leave you with a picture of Em's 1st Christmas, and can assure you this year will be completely different! I know she will be so excited!

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