Friday, December 9, 2011

This morning Emma INSISTS on not only taking out all the tissue paper from the presents, but tearing it all in 1/2, the tearing it into TINNNNNYYYY little pieces and handing it to me. Every 5th one she puts in her mouth, decides it's not good, and gives it back to me. In between breaks she's watching Barney  at the same time. She loves the songs on Barney. She also loves tissue paper.
I've been trying to figure out what to get her for Christmas, since she seems WAY more content pulling all her clothes out of the drawers or tupperware out of the cabinets than actually playing with any toys. BUT, I can't not get her ANYTHING.
SO, today I am meeting a lady who has an art easel, she said her daughters played with it at that age. Then another woman Saturday for a sit-n-spin, oh, another woman today, I dont even remember what I'm getting from her but it's 5.00, lol. I just hate to spend a buncha money on toys, when she doesn't play with MOST of the ones we have. She loves stuffed animals...and her little flute recorder thing. I just dont know what to get her. I'm sure I will come up with something though. I just need to get to a store and try to make a wise decision. I really need to just ask everyone who has a baby same age, what they got...
I need GOOD ideas..

SO, to finish talking about that sweet little blessing of mine. It seems a lot now days I feel like I'm going crazy or I say "I'm gonna lose it soon!" lol. Sometimes I REALLY do feel stressed out. Honestly I'd say mainly on the weekends when the husbands home, because he and I are SO different. He always has to be doing something. I enjoy watching cartoons with Emma or doing her clothes, or selling her clothes. He has to be....pressure washing the house, waxing the wood floors, shampooing the carpet...
I prefer more low key things. YES, I think those things need to be done, just not very large projects every weekend.
SO in between taking care of Emma and "trying to lool like" I enjoy emptying every cabinet and cleanning it out then putting everything back in and being tired, and getting told "I LET YOU SLEEP TIL 8" lol. I do get stresssed a lot. I think a lot of it has to do with lack of sleep. Matt tries though, he is so proud when he gets up with Emma and I come out on my own. I really need a vacation. Thing is, I dont want a vacation alone, or without Matt or Emma, I just want us all to have fun together and not feel like we always have to do something.
Maybe this weekend...
OK, well I meant to go somewhere totally different with that...but that's where it went, so I must have needed to get it out. HAHA. OK, well, I need to go find Emma something cute to wear today and roll up my sweatpants and turn my t shirt right side out..might even pull my hair up in a ponytail..

Talk at you later :))

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