Tuesday, March 26, 2013

My Mom, the greatest woman ever.

(yes this is an old blog, obviously) just now getting around to posting it! Sorry for the DELAYYYYY Well, it's almost time for my Mom's 60th birthday! What a big deal! I decided to write a blog about that wonderful Mother of mine.
My Mom, if anyone knows my Mom, then you know how wonderful of a person she is. I have never met anyone more compassionate, honest, and faithfull.
She's the Mommy
She's the caretaker
She's the prayer
She's the encourager
She's a light in the darkness
She makes you laugh at silly stuff
She is funny
She is fun
She gets more beautiful every day
She is my rock
She is my best friend.

Growing up as a child, I always remember the little things. I remember when I was born she was so happy to see me! (kidding) Seriously though, I do remember a lot from when I was a child. I remember the hugs from Mom, holding me, the tears she would cry when I cried, the PRAYERS, never judging, always praying. Always loving me despite the things I had done. NEVER treating me like I was less than the best daughter she ever wanted. (not saying I was a favorite, just saying) THESE are the things I remember, Goofy Mommy, silly Mommy, Caring Mommy, LOVING Mommy, but what meant the most, was how she raised me. She raised me to know that God can handle anything. Although at times, (and still at times) her mother is always there, the protector, the caring and worrying, I know that she is always praying. Praying every day, sometimes every minute. I love her more than I could ever express. She is teh best Mom in the whole wide world. I love you mom!


  1. Thank you Jaime!! that made me cry! I do love you so much! You know how you love Emma? Well, that is just brief, I have loved you for many years and I have seen you grow up into this sweet daughter who loves me, and brings her sweet daughter to me, and I know it is a sacrifice for you to do that! I adore you! Love, a proud, proud mom!

  2. Made me cry again! ha ha, thank you for sharing with me this blog, and what you said about me, touches my heart in a way only God knows! but thank you for my love gifts of words from you! You are a special Mommy and I am so happy to see it bring out the sweetness in Emma! She is very special and everyone sees it in her! love,, Mom