Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Handsome Husband

SO, I figured I'd finish some of these blogs that have been in the works for months...and in a few cases a year. lol. Here's the 1st one.. I'd like to take a minute or two, to give much respect to, the man that's made a difference in my worls. (ok, so that's salt & peppa's what a man song) I'll start my own blog now.
I met Matt at work one day. When he emailed me and said, I just saw you in the hall...we met about 10 years ago...I was in griffin with a mutual friend playing golf.
It was February 8th, 2008. We talked over email that weekend ALL weekend. Actually, I believe we talked over MySpace. ;) haha. The following Tuesday we went out to lunch during work, and our 1st official date was on Valentines Day 2008. He got us a cabin in Tennessee and the cabin was called "as good as it gets" Very fitting I might add.
I honestly believe I fell in love with him on our very first date.
He was everything I was looking for. Funny, handsome, responsible, a good father. We dated from February and by July we were engaged to be married. We married May 2009. Honeymooned in Cabo, which was so much fun. We loved to just take off randomly and drive to the mountains, or drive wherever we ended up, and stay the night..or 2. We have a lot of fun together :) July after we got married, I got pregnant and had a miscarriage. That was a terrible time for me, I was so heartbroken. But god chose to bless us in November 2009, we found out around Christmas we were expecting a baby. Ohhhhh, what a blessing. I realize now, that had I not had the miscarriage, I wouldn't have Emma.
It's a TOTALLY different marriage when you are out having fun, and when you have a baby! (for the record I wouldn't change it for the world) It's not all fun with a baby, no more leaving work and going out getting home at 12 and going towork in the morning. Who needs sleep when youre high on love right? :) Matt has been such a blessing in my life, Emma has been the best daughter in the world. It's true that you love your husband and children in completely different ways. I thought my heart was full of love when I met Matt, but I had so much more love to give when I had Emma. Matt is a great father, he works so hard, he can literally, do anything. I am blessed to have him as a partner for life, and am so looking forward to growing old with him. Love my family, and so blessed! (Matt sends me pictures nightly of what he and Em are doing because he knows I miss them so much and hate being at work and not with them. Thankful for a wonderful, thoughtful Man!)

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