Tuesday, March 26, 2013

They Complain

So they complain. They complain about who gets what days off what shift they get what time they come in. Whether they're a minute late, a minute early, 15 minutes late, 5 minutes early. Who they work for, they even complain about whether the people they work for get overtime, too many days off, never take any days off, always call in sick. Whether their coworkers take too many days off are an hour late, what pants they wear, what shirts they wear, what shoes they wear, what HATS they wear..even what costs they wear. They complain. They are never happy, never to be pleased. " I don't like my off day!" They say, I say, when I started working here I had rotating off days with weekends once a month,I was happy to have a job. They go to HR instead and have the whole schedule jacked up because they don't have enough time. They whine about EVERYTHING. Everything. What boss was off last week? Lets send an anonymous email to the freakin president telling on them! Lets tell our boss and whine and cry because we don't like our off days and then when they say we need 24 hour coverage they just want to work overtime. They complain about people taking their job too serious and people taking their job not serious enough. As if they were always perfect. "Well, so and so is just taking this safety stuff TOO seriously!" "Well, so and so never does anything" "well, so and so doesn't wear the right pants" (that one happened to me) lol. Waahh. I'm so tired of them complaining all the time about everything and everyone! Do these people seriously not have enough of a life to worry about what pants I freakin wear to work?! When I talked to MY BOSS about it he was ok about it, so get your nose out of it! They complain because someone got 30 hours overtime on their check, maybe because they put so much thought and effort into what everyone else is doing they feel like they've earned far more than that! I guarantee they probably have. So and so never does anything, all he does is sit back there and watch movies, every time I see him he's asleep..he's never here I don't even know how they justify his paycheck!
What's the real kicker is, people like me, who try to stay as far away from these freakin LEECHES as I can, I come in this tool room so I don't have to work with the nagging and complaining all day every day. I come in here and try to distance myself from them, they STILL single me out, to where I'm coming in every day paranoid if I'm doing something wrong ill get "written up" and I don't even DO anything wrong. I stay away, but somehow everyone's energy is focused so sharply on me. What in the world did I do to them? I just don't get it. It's worse because you'd think these are just the troublemakers, they're the ones the bosses hate because they cause so much drama. But in the end it's the whiners and criers who get the tool room I should have, they get it because they whined and cried enough, so even though I'm the top person on my shift, I am "supposed" to be where I choose, they get to work there. Why? Because they went to HR, they went to whine & complain about the days off or people off or bosses off. The very same ones who complain ABOUT the foreman, go complain TO the foreman and get whatever they want. One minute he's out there "scoping out everyone making sure they don't leave early" the next minute they're in his office whining because they can't work where they want. WELL YOU'VE ONLY BEEN HERE 5 years! What do you expect?! But, irony is lost on me...they get what they want. So, maybe after all this time what I've learned is, whine loudly, complain about nothing, make people dread spending time with you....and get whatever you want. I should have learned this a long time ago. Until then...ill come in every day and stand in line to be looked over like I'm in the damn army, whether my boots are shined just right...and let the freakin whiners and complainers get whatever they want. Because...I'm just not that way. I don't say anything because its none of my business, I stay out of it because I DON'T CARE! I don't care who wears what who comes in when who leaves when who is off when who works when. I honestly do not care! I come in and I do what I'm supposed to do and I leave all this stupid stuff here. I'm not out to police anyone or anything and I'm DAMN sure not going to do it when I'm not their boss! Get a grip people! If you wanted to be the boss you should have put in for it, and if you put in for it and didn't get it, there's probably a good reason, and some of them who put in and got it they probably did for no good reason too, being they whine and complain too much.


  1. Jaime, this is really good and I think you should print it out and leave it on a bulletin board in the breakroom, unonomously (spelling) I am so sorry ppl are like that, but I am going to pray God wakes them up, " they have no control over you unless you let them" Dr phil says this!! I love you!! You are amazing woman! And dont let childness rob your peace!! love, Mom,,,praying for you!!

  2. Oh, and the "theyers"? "They" need to get a life! From the pit of hell! But i am praying! ha ha, love you!