Sunday, March 6, 2011

Handsome Husband, Pretty Baby

This week was the first night Handsome Husband had to leave me and Emma alone for work. I never really liked being alone in the house b/c it's so big, and I always think someone will come in the basement. Although we live in a HEAVILY populated subdivision where you can't do anything without your neighbor knowing..I should know I'd be fine.

I couldn't fall asleep until 4am!

Emma got up at 7. Mommy was tired! I actually put her in her little chair that vibrates on the floor and put my pillows on the floor and laid down and took a nap with her on the floor! I WAS WHOOPED!
Daddy came home and took her to her 6month Dr. appointment, she had 3 shots, poor baby girl :(

On a brighter note...
Since I've gotten my iPad I downloaded iBooks and bought a few books, one was one I've read before By Max Lucado called "It's not about me" the other was called "Heaven is for real". GREAT BOOK! I read it in one sitting, I could not put it down! It's about a 4 year old boy who dies for 3 minutes and spends a littel time in heaven. The details are amazing. I had the chills from the moment I started to the moment I was done.
I am also in the middle of reading a book by Jennifer Weiner called "Little Earthquakes". It's pretty good, not as good as Heaven is for real, but readable, although it seems to be dragging now. I should finish it today though.

OK, that's it for Sunday! Only 3 more Sundays to work and I'll be on 2nd shift with weekends off! WOOHOO!

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