Sunday, March 20, 2011

Oh Happy Day

FINALLY! I only have 1 weekend left after this weekend and I will be on GLORIOUS 2nd shift. (and I don't even have to work next Saturday because we are having Harrison's birthday party.Yep, after working 14 years to finally be able to hold dayshift weekends off in the best shop ever..I am going to 2nd shift.
It's REALLY fine though, I'm kidding. I want what is best for Emma, and I want her to be with her parents most of the time, and I want to be able to go on dates with handsome husband.
I am looking forward to a schedule change. Lately these 12 hour days have really been taking their toll on me, and honestly, 2nd shift can't come fast enough.
I am excited too because I will be able to go to church again.

My how I have missed church!

I'll also have the opportunity to work overtime again, because every time they have asked me I can't because Matt is at work and I can't bring Emma in. This way I will be able to work a 12 hour day on a Saturday or Sunday when they need someone, and make OVERTIME, and after 8 hours, it turns into DOUBLE TIME!!!! WOOHOO!
I can't even remember what my paychecks looked like when I worked it before.

I told Matt last night that I will have the opportunity to work Overtime or poad (poad stands for pay on another day) it's basically working how many ever hours on another day and being able to take those hours like vacation days. He said, Well, that wasn't the point of you going to 2nd shift, it was so that we can see each other on the weekends. I think I'll have him talked into overtime when he sees the first check. I told him I can do it maybe once every 2 months or something.
I am so excited about the new shift.
OK, well that's it for right now because I am out of things to say!

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